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About Us


aboutusMukeshbhai is the name to reckon with when it comes to lifting the level of houses or multi-storied building without damaging them. With humble beginnings in the year 1991, Mamchand And Sons has a come a long way since then.

The company started by lifting the level of a bridge and soon it experimented with lifting the level of single storey building. Once that is done, there was no looking back for Mr. Manchand and his enterprising and hardworking sons. Soon the company successfully lifted and shifted a two-storey building and later a three-storey building.

Now, the company has specialized in lifting and shifting the multi-storey buildings without any damage

The company is active all over India with major focus in Haryana. The company’s headquarter is at Yamunanagar in Haryana. Presently, the company has a host of projects in Gurgaon—the satellite town of Delhi. Mr. Mukeshbhai is expanding its base to other parts of the country. The company is planning to open offices in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Company has also set its eye on the foreign shores and looking to go international.

If you wish to lift the level of your house or a multi-storey building, get in touch with us.




  • We have effective technology and sufficient manpower and accessories to lift and shift the complex designs.
  • We have specilized and trained team which can lift your Appartment, House or Multi-Storey Building from the ground level.
  • We also have capibility to shift your house from one place to other without damaging your house design.




If your house is below road level and you have no clue as how to raise its level without re-building it. Come to us. Mamchand And Sons specialize in lifting and shifting the houses without any damage and raising their level in one go with the help of jack. It might seem a bit unbelievable but it is true. All you need to do is just contact us and we will tell you how it is possible.

Till date, we have raised levels of many houses at minimum cost and without any damage to the structure. Our sole aim is to provide cost effective service and safe service to our customers. This is a unique technique that corrects the wrongs done during building a house or a multi-storey building.

With this scientific technique, we have helped many of our customers. By opting for this cheap and effective method, they have saved lakhs of rupees and their valuable time. We fully understand how much hard work, labor and money costs in building a house or a multi-storey building. Keeping this in mind we chalk out an effective plan to ensuring that no damage is done to your house or building, when lifting its level or shifting its base.

You might be wondering, if there is some damage to the building during the work, who will be responsible for that. The company has such goodwill among customers and belief in itself that the company takes the risk of any damage.

So what are you waiting for, if you have a house or a building that needs to be lifted two-to-three foot or above, just get in touch with us. We assure you of easy, damage free and cost effective service.